High Temperature Resistance 321 Stainless Steel Tubing Customized Flange Connection

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Product Details
Connection Customized Flange Pressure Rating High
Temperature Resistance High Samples Free To Supply
Hs Code 7220203000 Sample Available
Flexibility Rigid Surface Treatment Cold Rolled
High Light

High Temperature 321 stainless steel tubing


Customized 321 stainless steel tubing


321 ss pipe

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Product Description

Product Description:

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is a type of steel piping and tubing that is made from high-quality stainless steel materials. It is commonly used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, and construction, due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and high strength.

The connection of Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is customized with a flange, which allows for easy installation and disassembly. This feature makes it suitable for various applications, such as pipelines, water treatment systems, and heat exchangers.

The Flexibility of Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is rigid, which means it can withstand high pressures and maintain its shape without bending or deforming. This makes it a reliable choice for demanding industrial environments where the integrity of the piping system is crucial.

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube falls under the HS code 7220203000, which is used to classify steel products for international trade. This code is specific to stainless steel pipes and tubes, making it easier for importers and exporters to identify and classify the product.

The Pressure Rating of Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is high, which means it can withstand a significant amount of pressure without leaking or breaking. This makes it suitable for applications that require high-pressure resistance, such as hydraulic systems, steam boilers, and chemical processing plants.

The Welding Line Type of Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is ERW (Electric Resistance Welding), which is a common method used to join two pieces of steel together. This type of welding results in a strong and seamless connection, ensuring the integrity and durability of the pipe.

In conclusion, Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is a versatile and durable product that offers a range of benefits in various industries. With its customized flange connection, rigid flexibility, high pressure rating, and ERW welding line, it is a reliable choice for demanding applications that require a strong and corrosion-resistant piping system. Choose Stainless Steel Pipe Tube for your next project and experience its superior quality and performance.



  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Pipe Tube
  • Pressure Rating: High
  • Sample: Available
  • Temperature Resistance: High
  • Hs Code: 7220203000
  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Product Features:
    • High pressure rating for reliable performance
    • Available sample for customer evaluation
    • High temperature resistance for versatile use
    • Strong and durable stainless steel material
    • Rigid flexibility for stability and precision
    • Wide range of sizes and lengths available
    • Can be used for various applications in different industries
    • Easy to install and maintain

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Stainless Steel Pipe Tube
Surface Finish Polished
Pressure Rating High
Welding Line Type ERW
Diameter 32mm
Flexibility Rigid
Color Silver Color
Sample Availability Available
Surface Treatment Cold Rolled
Length Customizable
Free Samples Free To Supply
Product Keywords Steel Tube Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe Tube, Metallic Tube Hose


Stainless Steel Pipe Tube: A Versatile and Durable Solution for Various Applications

The Stainless Steel Pipe Tube, also known as Stainless Steel Tubing or Steel Tube Pipe, is a widely used product in various industries due to its excellent properties. With a polished surface finish and ERW welding line type, this product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional. Let's explore the different applications and scenarios where this product can be used.

Industrial Usage

One of the main applications of Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is in the industrial sector. The high flexibility and rigidity of this product make it suitable for use in various industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical. The polished surface finish ensures that the pipes and tubes are corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for transporting corrosive materials. Moreover, the ERW welding line ensures a strong and seamless connection, making it suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Construction and Architecture

In the construction and architectural industry, Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is widely used for its durability and aesthetic appeal. The polished surface finish adds a touch of elegance to the building's exterior, making it a popular choice for modern architecture. The high flexibility of this product also allows for easy customization and installation, making it suitable for various structural and decorative purposes.

Transportation Industry

In the transportation industry, Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is used for the manufacturing of exhaust systems, fuel and brake lines, and other parts of vehicles. The high strength and corrosion resistance of this product make it suitable for use in harsh environments, such as marine and aerospace applications. The ERW welding line also ensures a leak-proof and durable connection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

HS Code 7220203000: A Mark of Quality

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is classified under HS Code 7220203000, which indicates its high quality and compliance with international standards. This code is used to track and monitor the import and export of this product, ensuring that customers receive only the best quality materials.

Free Samples: Try Before You Buy

To ensure customer satisfaction, many manufacturers offer free samples of Stainless Steel Pipe Tube. This allows customers to test the product's quality and suitability for their specific needs before making a purchase. This also reflects the confidence of manufacturers in the quality of their product.

In conclusion, Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is a highly versatile and durable product that can be used in various applications and scenarios. Its polished surface finish, ERW welding line, high flexibility, and compliance with HS Code 7220203000 make it a popular choice for industries and individuals alike. With the option of free samples, customers can experience the quality of this product before making a purchase, making it a reliable and cost-effective choice.



Customized Service for Stainless Steel Pipe Tube

At Stainless Steel Piping, we offer personalized services for our Metallic Tube Hose product - Stainless Steel Pipe Tube. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible experience and ensure their satisfaction with our products. Our customized service includes the following:

  • Sample: We understand the importance of seeing and testing a product before making a purchase. That's why we offer samples of our Stainless Steel Pipe Tube upon request.
  • Surface Treatment: Our Stainless Steel Pipe Tube undergoes a cold rolling process to ensure a smooth and polished surface, providing a high-quality finish for your projects.
  • Color: Our Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is available in a classic silver color, adding a touch of elegance to your projects.
  • HS Code: Our Stainless Steel Pipe Tube is classified under HS Code 7220203000, guaranteeing its quality and compliance with international standards.
  • Length: We understand that every project is unique, and thus, we offer customizable lengths for our Stainless Steel Pipe Tube to meet your specific requirements.

Trust Stainless Steel Piping for all your Stainless Steel Pipe Tube needs. Our customizable services ensure that you receive a product that is tailored to your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized services and to request a sample of our Stainless Steel Pipe Tube.


Packing and Shipping:

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube: Packaging and Shipping

Stainless steel pipe tube is typically packaged and shipped in a variety of ways depending on the size and quantity of the order. Here are some common methods of packaging and shipping for this product:

Packaging Options:
  • Bundles: Stainless steel pipe tubes can be bundled together with steel straps or plastic straps. This is a common packaging method for smaller quantities.
  • Wooden Crates: For larger orders, stainless steel pipe tubes may be packed in wooden crates for added protection during shipping.
  • Plastic Bags: Some suppliers may also package smaller quantities of stainless steel pipe tubes in plastic bags for added protection against moisture and dirt.
Shipping Methods:
  • By Sea: Stainless steel pipe tubes are often shipped by sea, especially for large orders. This method is cost-effective and allows for larger quantities to be shipped at once.
  • By Air: For urgent orders or smaller quantities, stainless steel pipe tubes may be shipped by air. This is a faster but more expensive shipping option.
  • By Land: For local or regional orders, stainless steel pipe tubes may be shipped by land. This is a cost-effective option for shorter distances.

No matter the packaging or shipping method used, suppliers of stainless steel pipe tubes ensure that the product is packed securely and arrives to the customer in good condition.

For more information on specific packaging and shipping options for your order, please contact your supplier directly.